Audio+ concept has extends the value of the audio and we are facing a much broader market.
With the development of voice interaction, streaming content and IoT equipment, the audio is now applying to smart home, smart car, wearable, etc.
We committee to become the world's leading provider of total solution products for cross-border products with voice equipment and voice cloud services as its core competitiveness.

Audio+ smart product

On the basis of maintaining the growth of traditional audio products, we focus on the future products based on “sound+”.
Acousticlink is Committed to building audio products into the core control equipment of IoT, smart home, and smart wearable.
The non-traditional products we are focusing on include split TV, smart speaker, smart headset, and voice interaction technology products. And also focus on the development of voice-based value-added service software and applications.
In the past, these audio products existed mainly in the form of accessories for televisions, computers, and mobile phones.
But today and even the future, the audio is not just a tool for "listening".
It will be present in various devices independently or in various forms.
The sound will enable independent speech recognition and semantic interaction.
Voice interaction is the most natural communication method for human beings and has become a major development requirement after the smart phone touch screen.
This change of the product eco-chain pattern based on screen interaction provides us with a broad and sustainable market space.