Product line

Cable digital speakers: 2.1 PC speaker, 2.0 PC speaker
Wireless digital speakers: single-channel portable speakers, stereo portable speakers, waterproof sports speakers, smart electro-sound products, etc.
Headphones: TypeC/Lightning headphones, Bluetooth sports headphones, TWS earbuds
Intelligent products(Google assistant/Alexa enabled): smart speaker, smart display, smart headphones

We are jointly developing high-quality, high-performance electro-acoustic products, and constantly expand the high-end product line, while adhering to the direction of wireless, miniaturization and intelligent development.

Smart social-able speaker

Recommends you playlist automatically
Share songs with your friends by one click
Connect to your phone and leave messages for your friends

Light bud shaped Bluetooth speaker

Multiple lights create an vivid atmosphere
Music is played from multiple channels lively

Hotel lamp ‘Dali’

One lamp to control all the lights in the hotel room
One lamp to open the curtains to face the warm sunshine without leaving the bed
One lamp to remind yourself to buy the favorite chocolate for your friends during busy business trip
One lamp to call the hotel service for a healthy breakfast without dialing
Dali, anytime and anywhere, your personal butler

Smart home control box

The control box is as a total control center for video playing, camera control, music service and cloud connection to realize the smart home.

Smart lighting speaker

Control the light bright or dim by voice
Powerful sound quality output

Heart rate monitor earphone

The earphone accurately collect heart rate data in your ear and helps to the control it in a fine range to reducing fat or increasing muscle. When using with the APP, as if the fitness coach is around.

3D panoramic recording headphones

VR is adapted to headphones, too! Based on the simulation of human head recording technology, this earphone can record the orientation and trajectory of the sound professionally.
When listening, close your eyes and you are there. The wonderful content can be generated by you, and the lossless audio is shared by one click.

True wireless earbuds

Truly wireless, small and flexible. Get rid off the shackles and messy strings.

Smart companion robot for children

Works with the tablet, the AR technology displays vivid application scenarios.
Face recognition: through the front camera, it automatically unlock and record user’s experience.
Object recognition: process digital image, identify simple daily objects for early childhood education.
Support dual language, video chatting, picture book reading, personal photo album, and security monitoring.

Split smart TV audio soundbar

With acoustic cloud computing, the soundbar plays cinema-effected streaming content powerfully.

Multi-room music system

Sunny afternoon, when you start cleaning the room, carefully sorted out. Why not let the music fill every corner of the room wherever you go?

Gaming headset

High fidelity sound, mixed sound, and surrounding sound technology to create a wide audio sound field.
This gaming headphone provides accurate and clear sound for those super players for 3D positioning.

High fidelity Hybrid headphones

Dynamic unit plus balanced armature unit = perfect combination of high and bass sound quality
The dynamic unit is driven by the magnetic field force to drive the diaphragm to vibrate after the voice coil is energized. Generally speaking, the dynamic bass headphone subwoofer effect is more shocking and the listening feeling is warmer.
The balanced armature unit is driven by the magnetic field and the precise structure of the armature in the coil to promote the sound of the diaphragm.
The advantage of the moving iron unit is that the electroacoustic conversion efficiency is high and the vibrating body is light, so the sensitivity is high and the transient performance is good, which further highlights the music dynamics and the momentary details, and the sense of hearing is colder.