Electro-acoustic room Calibration Technology

The room was a great contributor to listening, especially low frequencies were more affected by the room.
Our first room measurement technology can measure the room size and reflectance through speakers and microphones, and automatically adjust the sound parameters to achieve HIFI effect.

Technology Features

Measuring room parameters, multi-position measurement calibration
Automatically adjust volume and configure various DSP parameters according to room parameters
Ideal sound reproduction in different room environments

The virtual surround sound system

The virtual surround sound system is based on two-channel stereo.
Without adding channels and speakers, it broadcasting the sound field signal through the circuit to allow the listener to feel that the sound comes from multiple positions and produces a simulated stereo field.
This technology enables real-time multi-channel balance and better perception of sound details.

Technology Features

Dolby Digital decoding
Multi-channel dynamic balance DSP algorithm
Real-time multi-channel dynamic EQ and DRC processing for better perception of sound details
Virtual surround sound technology, real-time multi-channel balance, perceptual sound details

3D sound recording

The head related transfer function enables the panoramic stereo recording to record professional sound everywhere. Usage Scenarios include traveling, live broadcast, teaching, etc,.

empathetic AI solution

Cooperate with The EMOS.AI platform, it can accurately detect human emotions, intentions, and personalities by extracting emotional cues from human speech, text, tone, and behavior to understand high-level communication features to guide its responses accordingly.